Customize your real-time dashboard with AWS CloudWatch

Now it is time to configure a real-time CloudWatch dashboard.

  • In the AWS Management Console, under Services choose CloudWatch or use this quick link.

  • On the left-hand navigation pane, select Dashboards and click Create dashboard.

  • Give your dashboard a name, for example peculiar-dashboard and click Create dashboard.

  • Add a Line widget and click Next.

  • When prompted to choose a data source for the widget, select Metrics.

  • You should see a Custom Namespace called peculiar-wizards-data. Click that custom namespace, and you should see 8 Metrics with no dimensions. Click into that and you should see familiar metrics.

  • Select the real_value metric to be plotted on this graph. At the top right, select the time interval to be a Custom 5 minute interval and on the refresh button drop down choose Auto refresh every 10 Seconds.

Your configurations should look like the following:

  • Under the Graphed metrics tab, you can also edit the widget to change the time period of real_value to be 10 seconds if you want.

  • Click Create widget.

  • Edit the name of the graph to be Money generated over time.

  • Turn on live data by clicking Actions, Overides, then turn Live data on and Confirm like below:

Finally, you should be able to see a graph similar to below that populates data in real time!

If you are not seeing data, make sure that the Kinesis Data Generator is still sending data. Another potential fix is to change the period or time frame of the data.

This graph shows live data coming in of your revenue being generated while players are playing the Peculiar Wizards game. Try seeing what other dashboard widgets you can create. Instead of just live game events, you can also monitor live operational data for your AWS infrastructure. You can create something similar to below:

This is the CloudWatch dashboard that comes prepackaged with the Game Analytics Pipeline solution. It contains operational metrics for the infrastructure used in the Game Analytics Pipeline. This helps you monitor the operational status of the AWS services used in the solution and allows you to easily track important application metrics.

Make sure to stop sending data from the Kinesis Data Generator when you are done, or you will be charged!

Congratulations! You created a real-time visualization in CloudWatch using Kinesis Data Analytics and Lambda.