Open and explore Unity project

You will use a sample Unity project that has already been built for you.

  • Download the Unity package from this GitHub repository called ServerlessAnalytics.unitypackage.

  • Create a new, empty Unity project.

  • Import this package into your new project by choosing Assets > Import Package > Custom Package.

  • You should see a UI similar to below:

This is the Peculiar Wizards project. It’s a UI of a sample game that allows players to use money to purchase various wizard hats. As far as AWS functionality, it will eventually support player authetnication, authorization, and data analytics that you will add throughout this workshop.

Browse the different assets folders – take a look at the Scripts, Prefabs, Animation folders and more to see what gives the game its functionality. You can try to play the scene, but right now nothing works because you don’t have the backend resources set up.